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Fresh Logistics Hub Customers have a business tailored made and unique.

We are specialist in the field of transportation, distribution , storage and handling of food products , in particular fruit and vegetables palletized.
We are positioned within the CAAB BOLOGNA CENTER AGRIFOOD, and this factor allows us to spread our temperature-controlled storage services, transit and distribution with complete shipments and / or per single pallet (groupage ) of food products both nationally and internationally.

In addition to the logistics platform located on the CAAB,we can boast , thanks to our Partners, additional facilities such as stores / warehouses etc ... located throughout the area: Interporto, San Donato Bologna District… in order to manage and to better address the needs of problem solving of this Business.
We employ qualified staff always carefull and formed by integrating these capabilities with innovative technological applications ( warehouse management , order and packaging ... ) aiming to become a point of reference in the National logistics specialist scene.

Scarico merci


Cold rooms +4 °/ 6 °C or 10/12 ° C. It’s in service design traceability of goods transported by our media.
  • taking charge of the goods at our platform
  • computerized customer service online
Temperatura controllata

Transit point

Fresh and dry
  • availability of warehouses and cold rooms for storage goods in transit for short period
  • sorting / ventilation mono reference pallets complete, in transit or storage, multiple pallets also with different destinations
Pesatura prodotti


AgriFood products need special care due to the rapid perishability of the products so the loads are divided by type in order to have the best preservation.
WORKING PROGRESS: Area is subjected to quality controls haccp in order to ensure quality services dedicated to these products.

Tempistiche garantite


FHL develops a fully dedicated service to the agricultural and food products at a controlled temperature , with the character of immediacy , enriched by additional complementary capabilities such as: withdrawal, transit and grouping in the warehouse for goods coming from the south-central to north Italy and vice versa

  • collection of goods ( vegetables - fruits) in palletized platform
  • compaction load for uniform destinations
  • pallet distribution service with transit
  • sorting of products from other platforms or directly from the warehouses of the senders of all the national territory

Of course all deliveries are planned and connected with the receipt provided by the recipients , distances and timing.


  • Withdrawal loads from various provinces and delivery throughout Italy
  • Drain and transit platform at Bologna pallets of fruits and vegetables from the districts of central / southern Italy for National Agrifood/ Ce.Di. of GDO
  • Service Delivery A x A for departures from Bologna in the afternoon of the day before arrival and at h.24 : 00 for CE.DI Center / North
  • Service Delivery A x B for departures from Bologna within h.20 : 00 ( A day ) arrive by h.00 : 30/ 04: 00 ( B day ) for fruit and vegetable markets of Central / North - arrival before h.6 : 00/ 12: 00 for the Distribution Center and fruit and vegetable markets in South / Italy
  • Service Delivery A x C ( within 30 /36 hours ) for AgriFood Markets